Industry Patrnership

Three fresh and innovative welding-related businesses are trailblazing their way through the industry, leveraging their tenacity, grit and, most of all, each other. We are here to create a long-lasting partnership in the welding industry featuring industry leaders.

Over the past few years, three small businesses across North America: AlumaReel USA, CMR Fabrications and Up In Smoke Welding Apparel, have operated and grown in the welding industry. We have decided to formalize a unique partnership to continue sharing knowledge, marketing costs and business insights.

"This partnership drives home how small businesses can find unique ways to thrive in these unprecedented times," explains AlumaReel USA CEO Randy Ballard."

"It represents a new way of partnering with like-minded brands and creating a portfolio of high-value, North American-made products."

The welding industry has often lagged in innovation and creativity. Furthermore, small businesses in the USA and Canada are at a pivotal crossroads where they need to adapt to the world around them or risk going under. This partnership allows us to engage in open discourse around innovation in the welding industry and support other local small welding-related businesses with our unique expertise.

"We all share strong values of innovation, breaking barriers and ensuring that safety remains front and center. That's why an industry partnership is a natural evolution in our business relationship," explains Up In Smoke Welding Apparel CEO Mackenzie Schurr.

"Though small business and entrepreneurship have always been the backbone of the North American economy, the time has come for local companies to reclaim the industry. Ensuring products are manufactured with the safety and quality required to bring you home to what matters most," says CMR Fabrications CEO Cody Rhoades.

AlumaReel USA, CMR Fabrications and Up In Smoke Welding Apparel are industry trailblazers using high-quality, innovative materials sourced from North America and manufacturing everything in the USA or Canada.

We are welders by trade, and Up In Smoke Welding Apparel is committed to helping the industry by providing safety-driven, high-performance and stylish gear. Our proprietary designs have been honed over the past five years to ensure you get home to what matters most to you.

We have created partnerships that help us thrive within the welding industry and keep you safe while you're at work. Safety gear and equipment work together so you can weld hard and then get home to what's important.

We are welders. Watch our video here


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