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Nate Bowman  Vancouver, Washington

Director of Welding Optimization and Education at Central Welding Supply | The WeldScientist on Instagram
ambassadors : @weldscientist

I've been welding since high school, so for 18 years now. I got into welding while watching shows like Monster Garage and Mythbusters.

Started doing production work in 2010 building stainless steel washing machines, moved on to other general welding and fab jobs, stainless pipe, handrails, and ornamental iron.

In 2015 I began working in the industry's welding research side and became fascinated with the science behind welding. I currently hold CWS, CWI, and CWE from the American Welding Society.

It's so important to be comfortable and safe while welding. As someone that is constantly searching for perfection, I choose Up In Smoke as my go-to personal protective equipment.

Jacob Schofield

Idaho Rig Welder
: @schofieldwelding

My name is Jake Schofield. I'm the owner of Schofield Welding LLC and a rig welder from Idaho that travels a lot of the western United States. But I spent most of the last five years in Colorado. I have been a welder for the last ten years, primarily in the oil and gas industry.

How I got involved in the welding industry? I basically fell into it. I was a horse trainer apprentice in Fort Worth, Texas, making nothing for money. I roped with a gentleman who's brother needed a welder helper. The rest is history. I started saving money, putting a tool list together, and then broke out on a pipeline job in the middle of January.

Up In Smoke gear has been bar none, some of the best gear a guy can buy. The technology that goes into it to make a lightweight shirt or jacket that will stop sparks day in and day out saves a lot on your arms. They're really well-built leather Thorax hoodies are some of my favourites, especially for cold winter days. The leather stops sparks and stops the wind from cutting through you: fewer layers and more comfort. I just recently got in a new set of Up In Smoke pants, and these are some of the most comfortable, deep-pocketed and stretch in all the right places. The most well thought out pair of work pants a guy can purchase.

I am proud to be an Up In Smoke ambassador. First, the company comes from a welding background. They know what is needed because they have experienced it themselves. Second, the best gear is made by people that care and Up In Smoke cares. They are great to work with and stand behind their gear. That's why I'm proud to be an Up In Smoke Ambassador.

Ryan Nierop

: @r_nierop

My name is Ryan Nierop, and I'm from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. I grew up in a welding family, my dad is a rig welder, and my brother-in-law is a welder, welding inspector, and vessel inspector. I'll work on pressure vessels, pipe welding, fitting, structural, anything to do with welding. I like Up In Smoke Welding gear because it's the most comfortable gear around and it's top quality.

I like to support Mac because I love the gear, and he's doing it without cutting any corners. I respect his passion, hustle, and his integrity. A real stand up guy and welding gear company.

Sam Hackman  Myerstown, Pennsylvania

Welding full time for 14 years
: @sam.welds

I was exposed to welding at an early age by my father, who worked at quarries and ran his own welding business. I ran my first bead on a tractor hitch in his garage at eight years old. He's definitely the reason I got into the trade, and he is also the manager at the company I work for full time. We mainly work at asphalt plants, concrete plants, and quarries, but we occasionally do work at power plants and food-grade work as well. We handle everything from maintenance and general fabrication work to tearing entire plants down, moving them to different places and putting them back up.

I run my own welding and fabrication business on the side as well. Mostly food grade parts, custom furniture, fire trucks, and hydraulic cylinders.

The reasons I like Up In Smoke gear are the same reasons that I'm proud to be an Up In Smoke ambassador. Up In Smoke gear is designed and made by a welder for welders. Mac knows what areas need extra protection and where it doesn't so the gear can still be light enough to move comfortably. I'm proud to wear clothing that I know is made in North America with North American Materials. When you hold Up In Smoke gear in your hands, you can clearly tell the difference in quality from other brands.

Stephen Marshall Plainville, MA

Construction- Heavy Equipment Repair, Welding, Line Boring, metal fabrication
: @rippy154

My stepfather was a textbook 50's greaser who was always building hot rods and choppers in the home garage. So, as I grew up, I watched him braze, oxy/acetylene and arc weld and constantly modifying things. So at a young age, I started trying to modify bicycles, dirt bikes and 4-wheelers, and at that point, I always knew I wanted to be some sort of mechanic. But as I became older, it seemed like I always ended up behind a welding hood at the jobs I had, whether it was working at a gas station/car wash or at car restoration shops.

Eventually, I joined the military and trained as a Bradley and an M1 Abrams tank mechanic, which ultimately lead to my 26-year career as a heavy equipment mechanic. In addition to being the lead mechanic, I'm the primary welder and metal fabricator for WES Construction, a large family-owned company serving Boston and surrounding areas.

The comfort, quality and styling of Up In Smoke welding gear are unparalleled. The clothing is hand made with the finest materials sourced in North America. With the welder in mind, every detail has been carefully and mindfully thought out considering the end user's needs, whether it be dominant hand option, range and ease of movement, and even ventilation needs. Up In Smoke Apparel demonstrates its commitment to welders.

As a long-time consumer of Up in Smoke Apparel, it was quite an honor when asked to be an ambassador. Along with the other talented welders already on the Up In Smoke team, it's genuinely a pleasure to be part of something I really believe in.

Audie Anderson Jr.

: @slickernquicker

My name is Audie Anderson Jr., I’m from Cheyenne, Wyoming, USA and my stage name is SLICKERNQUICKER. I come from long list of rig welders starting with my great grandpa, dad, brother and a number of my uncles.

I take pride in almost every aspect of being a rig welder, and I want the best gear to compliment my work and my character. That's why I choose to support Up in Smoke Welding Apparel. I challenge myself every day; from welding in freezing cold blizzards to welding in 110 degree scorching heat to welding inside plants and on pipelines. I've welded pipe as big as 48" for flares and as small as 3/4" for meter l units.

But more than welding, I enjoy the thinking side of welding like figuring out how to optimize fitting or fabbing.

When I wear Up in Smoke Welding Apparel I don’t have to think twice. The gear has me completely covered while still being comfortable.

Bob Moffatt Arkansas City, Kansas, USA

: @ram_nation58

MI was introduced to the welding industry in 1968 at the age of 10. My dad was a Geologist and Petroleum Engineer. He was starting an independent / family owned production company based in Osage County, Okla. I saw how he had to pay for “roustabout” services and welders on locations and picked up the welding operations starting in 1974 while a junior in high school.

Graduating from a vo-tech welding program and high school in 1976 I went for an Associate’s Degree in Drafting and Design and furthered my welding education at Oregon Institute of Technology. Since entering the workforce I have held many welding fabrication positions in structural and piping processes. I have held multiple certifications in my career that include API, AWS, ASME and have been a CWI/CWE through AWS.

I started teaching and training part time in 1986 and became a full time welding instructor at Cowley College since 1996 while still being active in code fabrication and consulting. I was recognized with a Master Teacher Award through NISOD and the University of Texas. I made guest appearances on videos starting in 2012 and was asked to be host in June, 2016. I am currently host of Let’s Weld Something channel on YouTube and Instagram.

I have seen many products for PPE enter and leave this industry in my career. I take pride in doing all types product referrals. There’s great ease when I can speak freely from experience or know and believe in product quality. Having worn many brands over the years, I can honestly say that the Up In Smoke Welding Apparel is hands down the best I’ve ever known. I met the owner Mac in Houston , Tx while judging the first high school welding competition held at South Coast Welding Academy. I was amazed by the product demonstrations and quality of the apparel. I’m humbled to have been asked to help represent this product line supporting welders in all walks of the trade.

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